2018 Ambassador

Table Tennis
World Championships Tokyo
Group Silver Medal


We are very pleased to welcome people from cities all over Asia to Tokyo!
I am YUKA Ishigaki, and I’m honored to be an Ambassador for the Asia Junior Sports Exchange Games 2018.
This is my first time as Ambassador, and I’m delighted to be involved with this wonderful competition.

I am sure that all of the athletes have been practicing their very hardest every day in preparation for this competition.
And I am also sure that the managers, coaches, officials, and everyone else engaged in organizing these Games has worked hard to prepare for this day.
I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

At these Asia Junior Sports Exchange Games 2018, to which everyone has already shown such dedication, I am eager to see everyone’s competitive spirit, technical proficiency, and mental strength grow even further, and I am thoroughly committed to helping with this in any possible way, and to expanding the circle of friendship and camaraderie across national borders.
I am looking forward to sharing this precious time together, full of hopes and dreams, as we all look ahead to the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics coming up in 2020.

No doubt my efforts will fall short in some ways, but I pledge to do everything in my power to welcome and assist everyone, so please feel free to consult me with any questions and needs you may have. Thank you very much.