2018 Ambassador

Para Table Tennis
Athens Paralympics
Table Tennis 9 Class Best 8
Rio Paralympics
Table Tennis Japan Team Director


Hello everybody! A very warm welcome to Tokyo and to Komazawa Indoor Ball Sports Field, which was a venue for the Tokyo Olympic Games 54 years ago.
My name is SHIGEKAZU Tomioka, and I’m honored to serve as Ambassador for the 2018 Asia Junior Sports Exchange Games 2018.
All of the Asia Junior Sports Exchange Games staff is committed to working together in a spirit of hospitality, so that the athletes can put forth their best possible performance.
We look forward to seeing all the athletes play their very finest, and make this event a springboard for terrific future careers.
At these Games, athletes with and without disabilities can get to know one another better.
After the competition, we invite you to take part in international exchange that transcends language barriers and national borders, where interaction among athletes from all over Asia will show the great unifying power of sports.
Two years ahead of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, please join me in spreading this message to the world: Tokyo is a city with a state-of-the-art urban environment that welcomes people with and without disabilities equally. Thank you very much.