2018 Ambassador

Para Badminton
Indonesia International
Women's Singles Champion
America Internationa
WWomen's Singles Champion
Spain International
Women's Singles Champion


Welcome to Tokyo! I have been looking forward to meeting all of you!
My name is MAMIKO Toyoda. I am a para-badminton athlete and an ambassador for these Games. There are only two more years to go until the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Recently, the number of people competing in para-badminton has been increasing each year, and the sport is gaining popularity not only in Japan but around the globe as well.
For the Olympic and Paralympic Games to come together and generate excitement as one, I would like as many people as possible to know about each other’s sport.
And, I am hoping you will have fulfilling five days, and through badminton, come to understand each other’s cultures and deepen exchanges, interacting with as many people as possible.
Although it is only for a short period, I hope all of you have a great time and do your best!

Born in Fukuoka City in 1992. She has a limb reduction congenital disability of her upper left arm. She started competing when she was an elementary school student and won the singles event at the Indonesian tournament in 2015 and placed second in doubles. At the tournament held in the United States in 2017, she placed first in singles and second in mixed doubles, and also in 2017, placed third in both singles and doubles at the World Championships. This year, she won the singles event at the Spain tournament and placed second in doubles.